Financial Crowd Management Software

The first cloud software capable of turning a digital channel into a source of financing

Stockcrowd is a cloud software that turns the digital channels of an organization into a source of money

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How Financial Crowd Management Software works

We turn a financial need for a specific project into a crowdfunding campaign that is embedded in the digital channels of the organisation (web, blog, networks).
The people of the organisation participate in the campaign, providing the necessary funds to make the intended project possible.
We turn the websites of organisations into their own bank.

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“If the original function of company websites was to communicate, now they are for selling. At StockCrowd we believe that the next natural step for companies will be to self-finance via their own websites.”

The first FCM in the world

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What do organizations do with a FCM?

Non-profit Campaigns

  • Donation Campaigns

    Fundraising for Social Projects
    Example: Corporate Social Responsibility Development or NGO Projects

  • Reward Campaigns

    Pre-sale of new products, raising capital and product and market testing.
    Example: Launching of new products

  • Profitable Campaigns

  • Loan Campaigns

    Get funds from your community without having to go to the bank, without intermediaries
    Example: Ordinary loan for international expansion

  • Capital Increase Campaigns

    Reach any investor in the world with complete autonomy.
    Example: Real estate investments

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Discover how Stockcrowd revolutionizes corporate software


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