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The number one alternative to Virgin Money Giving, migrate your fundraising to StockCrowd, powerful fundraising solution.

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Eye-Catching campaigns

Ready-made templates to launch a campaign, organise an event or create a space to host hundreds of connected campaigns around a cause

Control the funds

Donations directly into your bank account with no delays

Grow Your Supporter Base

Solutions to grow your donor database and engage your supporters more effectively

Your brand first

Fully White-label solution in your website, domain and social network channels

What is StockCrowd?

StockCrowd has created a new type of software for businesses by developing the FCM concept. We?ve changed the paradigm of global financing by enabling companies to raise funds directly via their own website.





Multiple campaign options

Plantillas increíbles

Un proyecto, un evento, un escaparate de causas,..., todo tiene su plantilla en StockCrowd


Controla la recaudación

Contecta tu propia pasarela de pagos y recibe los donativos directamente a tu cuenta corriente

Harness your data

Gestiona tus datos

Los datos de tus donantes y fundraisers son de tu propiedad, usa el CRM de StockCrowd para gestionarlos

Todo con tu marca

Todas las plantillas se ejecutan en tu web, con tu marca, tu dominio y tus redes sociales

Discover what you can do with StockCrowd

  • Mariana Romero - Childhood Social Work, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

    “Without Stockcrowd we could never have hoped to raise 30 million euros for the construction of the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona. Versatility, easy access to data, quick handling of donor data, automated processes that make management so much easier... a whole series of technical advantages that make all the difference to a crowdfunding campaign.”

    Mariana Romero
    Childhood Social Work, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital
  • Diego Felez - Co-founder and Strategic Alliances in The Water Van Project

    “StockCrowd offers seamless integration with social networks, so our donors can automatically donate from Facebook or Twitter after seeing one of our posts. The conversion of our donations increased dramatically."”

    Diego Felez
    Co-founder and Strategic Alliances in The Water Van Project
  • María Franco - Directora General de la Fundació Lo Que De Verdad Importa

    “We are very happy with StockCrowd's support and collaboration. It really is a great experience to work together with a company where creativity, innovation and professionalism go hand in hand with social engagement and values.”

    María Franco
    General Director of the Foundation What Really Matters
  • Javier Navas - Co-Fundador de Zadig

    “Thank you StockCrowd for everything! We have learned a lot from this experience. Thanks to that push the campaign gave us, we were able to launch our first pilot experience. ”

    Javier Navas
    Co-Founder of Zadig
  • Ana Clemente - Brand Manager

    “Thanks to StockCrowd, a new idea for our business took shape: the collaboration with the Foundation for the Fight against AIDS through a very special shirt. A charitable and stimulating project that we are very proud to have carried out.”

    Ana Clemente
    Brand Manager
  • Ana Clemente - Brand Manager

    “Use in the present the tools of the future.”

    Antoni Fernàndez Teixidó
    President of the RCD Espanyol Foundation
  • Ana Clemente - Brand Manager

    “We started using StockCrowd by knowing the possibilities offered by the software and the advantages inherent in it, such as being able to be embed it directly in the Club's and its Foundation's digital channels.”

    Jordi Munté
    Secretary of the RCD Espanyol Foundation
  • Gordon Morrison

    “StockCrowd's white-labelled fundraising software has been brilliant and offers something genuinely new and innovative in helping organisations like ourselves to support charities by turning our own Rotary Club website into a fundraising platform to support the local community. I cannot rate the customer support highly enough and importantly they are helping us to grow our own supporter base and raise more money for local causes.”

    Gordon Morrison
    President Rotary Club of Stort Valley
  • Antonia Liley

    “Stockcrowd have brought great value to our charity, particularly in showing us new and exciting ways to fundraise online. They have helped us build an interactive and engaging platform, that we believe will allow us stand out from other charities. Their team spent good time understanding our charity, our audience and creating a technology that best compliments us and what we want to achieve. We look forward to a lasting relationship with Stockcrowd.”

    Antonia Liley
    Atlas Foundation
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